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In various industrial fields such as process control and factory automation, liquid and gas play a pivotal role in quality control and operation safety.
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Pressure is a core factor in fluid control technology. By measuring the pressure, the basic setting and installation of the system can proceed smoothly.
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The normal supply of water, oil, and fuel is a basic requirement in industrial control, so monitoring the liquid level in the container is very important.
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Temperature monitors, temperature transmitters, and temperature switches are widely used in various industrial fields to prevent specified temperatures from being too low or too high as safety components.
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The instrument (flow controller) and flow sensor are used together to measure the instantaneous flow rate of liquids, gases, bulk materials, and other media, and record the cumulative flow rate of the measured media.
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Shanghai Nexon Meters

NEXON's general agent in China

Since 2010, Shanghai Nexon Meters Co.,Ltd. has served as the general agent of NEXON in China to sell and provide technical support for its fluid detection and measurement products, NEXON provides a wide range of sensors, transmitters, and switches for industrial applications to users worldwide.

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