FMI200-Mini Electromagnetic Flow Meters

According to Faraday's principle of electromagnetic induction when a conductor passes vertically through magnetic field B, it will induce a voltage. U In the measurement of the flowmeter, the moving conductor is a flowing conducting medium, and the magnetic field B is emitted from the direction perpendicular to the flowing medium. The induced electromotive force U on the two electrodes E1 and E2 is directly proportional to the velocity V of the medium.

Circulating water detection

Coolant monitoring

Other conducting liquid monitoring


  1. Compact design saves installation space

  2. Corrosion resistance sensor technology

  3. Automatic viscosity temperature compensation


Specification Table

Order No

Response time<500ms
Ambient temperature-25…85℃
Medium temperature-40...100No thermal shock
ElectrodeStainless steel316TI
Process connectionStainless steel316TI
Measuring tubePEEK
ShellStainless steel304
Electrical connectionsM12×1Connector
Process connectionGexternal thread,25.4Chuck,50.5Chuck

Product order No. Measuring range
Pipe diameter
Process connection  
FM2006 0.01-3 6 G1/4  
FM2015 0.25-25 15 G1/2  
FM2020 0.5-50 20 G3/4  
FM2025 1-100 25 G1  
FM2106 0.01-3 6 25.4 sanitary chuck  
FM2115 0.25-25 15 25.4 sanitary chuck  
FM2120 0.5-50 20 50.5 sanitary chuck  
FM2125 1-100 25 50.5 sanitary chuck