FTB400-Turbine Flow Meters

FTB400 can be used for the measurement of medium and low viscosity media, light fuel oil, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, etc. The optional viscosity compensation function makes FTB400 suitable for media whose viscosity changes with temperature. The impeller of FTB400 series products has more blades than other series products, up to 12 pieces, so it has faster response speed and higher resolution.

Petrochemical/energy industry

Hydraulic /lubrication system

Water treatment

Oil/Gas Industry

Experimental equipment

Test Bench


  1. High pressure resistance

  2. Fast response time

  3. High repeatability and accuracy

  4. Range specific width is up to 50:1

  5. Compact structure


Specification Table

Order No

Measuring range 6...600L/Min
Measuring medium Medium and low viscosity liquid
Accuracy* Better than ±1% of reading
Repeatability ±0.1% of reading
Withstanding voltage (maximum) 420bar
Ambient temperature -40...85 ℃
Medium temperature -40..120°C
Main body 304 stainless steel, anodized aluminum
Deflector 304 stainless steel
Turbine 304 stainless steel
Axis 304 stainless steel
Bearing Stainless Steel Ball Bearings
Process connection G internal thread
Product order No. Material Measuring range
Pipe diameter
Process connection
Maximum diameter of filter mesh micron  
FT4013 Aluminum 6-75 13 G1/2 30  
FT4020 Aluminum 25-300 20 G1 50  
FT4025 Aluminum 50-600 25 G1-1/4 50  
FT4113 304 Stainless steel 6-75 13 G1/2 30  
FT4120 304 Stainless steel 25-300 20 G1 50  
FT4125 304 Stainless steel 50-600 25 G1-1/4 50