FMI100-Electromagnetic Flow Meters

FMI100 electromagnetic flowmeter is designed based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction: When the conductive liquid cuts the magnetic force in the magnetic field, the conductive potential is generated in the conductor. When the flow rate is measured, the conductive liquid flows through the magnetic field perpendicular to the flow direction at the speed of V. The conductive liquid flow induces a voltage that is proportional to the average flow rate. And through the cable to the converter through intelligent processing, to achieve the instantaneous fluid flow, accumulated flow display and flow data and communication between the control system.

Tap water supply field

Industrial wastewater field

Strong acid liquid industrial field

Food industry

Paper industry


  1. Wide measuring range: DN10... DN500

  2. Digital LCD displays instantaneous and cumulative quantities

  3. Wide temperature range: -20℃... 180 ℃


Specification Table

Order No

Applicable mediumConductivity>5us/cmliquid (demineralized water is20us/cm)
Measuring range0.25…10m/s
Applicable pipe diameterDN25…DN500
Accuracy±0.5%read value (±0.2%optional)
Operating Voltage18-36VDC
Output signalElectric current:4…20mA
Pulse: Frequency0…1KHz
Work pressureDN10…DN65:≤2.5Mpa
DN200…DN500: ≤1.0Mpa(Special specifications can be customized)
Electrode material316L
Lining materialNeopreneCR
Housing and flange materialCarbon steel (standard)
Excitation methodThree-amplitude low-frequency rectangular wave excitation and high-frequency excitation
Medium temperature-20℃…90℃…130℃…180℃(Refer to lining material)
Ambient temperatureSensor-40℃…80°C; Converter-15℃…60℃
Environment humidity≤85%RH (20°C)
Power consumptionLess than20W
Structure typeOne-piece, clip-on
Electrical InterfaceM12X1.5
Grounding methodWith grounding ring
Explosion-proof levelExd ib IIBT4
Connection methodFlange connection
Degree of protectionIP65

Product order No. Lining material Pipe diameter
Product order No. Lining material Pipe diameter
FM10010 Neoprene Cr 10 FM11010 Teflon F4 10  
FM10015 ↓↓↓ 15 FM11015 ↓↓↓ 15  
FM10020   20 FM11020   20  
FM10025   25 FM11025   25  
FM10032   32 FM11032   32  
FM10040   40 FM11040   40  
FM10050   50 FM11050   50  
FM10065   65 FM11065   65  
FM10080   80 FM11080   80  
FM10100   100 FM11100   100  
FM10125   125 FM11125   125  
FM10150   150 FM11150   150  
FM10200   200 FM11200   200  
FM10250   250 FM11250   250  
FM10300   300 FM11300   300  
FM10350   350 FM11350   350  
FM10400   400 FM11400   400  
FM10450   450 FM11450   450  
FM10500   500 FM11500   500