Mining and Metallurgical Industry

With the development of the metallurgical industry, flow control becomes more and more important. The flow meter can not only measure the flow of various liquids, but also provide real-time flow data, and has intelligent control functions, which can be automatically controlled according to needs.
Application Overview

In the metallurgical industry, the flow control of liquid metal is crucial. For example, during continuous casting, the flow of casting liquid must be controlled to ensure that the mold is filled with sufficient liquid, while avoiding overfilling, which could cause an explosion. In addition, flow meters can also be used to measure the flow of cooling water and circulating water to control the temperature and pressure of industrial equipment.

Application Scenario

  • Measurement of mineral slurry and slurry

    Measure the flow of liquid-solid two-phase fluid containing solid particles such as slurry and slurry to guide the beneficiation, transportation and treatment process;

  • Measurement of metallurgical production process and quality

    Measure the flow rate of various chemical solutions, acid alkali salt solutions, sewage and other conductive liquids in metallurgical production to control production process and quality;

  • Measuring metallurgical equipment

    Measure the flow rates of cooling water, steam, gas, etc. in metallurgical equipment to ensure the normal operation and safety of the equipment

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