LF1000-Vibrating Fork Level Switch

The LF1000 is based on the principle of a tuning fork. A piezo-electric crystal oscillates the forks at their natural frequency. The frequency of the vibrating fork sensor changes depending on the medium in which it is immersed, this change is monitored and converted to standard electrical signals. Operating is unaffected by medium conductivity, turbulence, stirring, bubbles and vibrating. No moving parts enables it to be used in most tough applications.

Hydraulic/Lubrication system

Pump protection

Cooling system

Paper making

Water treatment

Food/beverage industry


  1. No moving parts

  2. Measuring unaffected by medium density or electrical parameters

  3. Stainless steel wetted parts

  4. Relay output

  5. NC / NO programmable

  6. Applicable to the liquid or solid


Specification Table

Order No

Measuring mediumLiquid or solid particles
Measure density≥0.6g/cm3
Withstand voltage20bar
Adjustable delay1…20s(rugged only)
Response time1s
Supply voltage
DC powered type24±10%Vdc
Power consumption≤1W
Switch output
Output typeRelay (normally open and normally closed can be set)
Load capacityAC220V(110V)/3A, DC 30V/3A
Wiring protectionInversion
Operating temperature-20…85℃
Medium temperature-20…85℃
Compact caseStainless steel304
ForkStainless steel316
Degree of protectionIP65
Outgoing way
Compact caseSolenoid valve plug
Process connectionGexternal thread