Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, the use of flow meters is essential. Flowmeters can be used to monitor the flow rate of liquids, gases, powders, and other substances in the pharmaceutical process, thereby ensuring product quality and production efficiency.
Application Overview

The flow meter adopts the principle of electromagnetic induction to measure the flow, and its high precision, strong reliability, long service life and other advantages have been widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. For example, flow meters can be used for flow measurement in the process of drug delivery, concentration and cooling to ensure that the flow in each stage can be controlled within a reasonable range to ensure product quality.

Application Scenario

  • Drug production measurement

    Measurement of raw materials, solvents, and solutions in drug production

  • Treatment of wastewater and waste liquid

    Treatment of wastewater and waste liquid in pharmaceutical production

  • Measurement of steam and air

    Measurement of steam and air in drug production

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