Automotive Industry

The application of flowmeter in the automobile industry is mainly to measure the intake air volume of the engine, control the fuel injection volume, etc. The air flow sensor on the car is a hot-wire flow meter. Its function is to measure the air flow passing through the sensor within a certain period of time and send the signal about the air flow to the ECU. ECU monitors the working condition of the engine and calculates the fuel supply according to the signal.
Application Overview

Mass flow meters are also applied in the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle testing industry, such as fuel cell engine performance testing, fuel cell engine bench airtightness testing, fuel cell stack airtightness testing, and fuel cell stack performance testing.

Application Scenario

  • Quantitative loading system

    Applied to quantitative loading systems

  • Testing performance and airtightness

    Testing the performance and airtightness of fuel cell generators and stacks

  • Automobile engine

    Emission Control System for Automotive Engines