MST100-Wall Mounted Digital Display Flow Controller

MST100 is the flow meter in tight, wall mounted case (IP 65), designed to work in tandem withthe pulse flow transducers with coefficients ranging from 0.01 to 9999.99 pulses per litre,equipped with electronic (open collector) or contact input. A flow meter allows to measure the actual instantaneous value and to record the total flow of fluids, gases or bulk materials. Wide range of total flow enables flow volume control for a long time. Build in a batcher function makes possible application of MST100 in a wide range of industry branches (food production, pharmacy,paint and varnish). The counters may have 2 relay (or OC) outputs, depending on the actual instantaneous, batcher or total value of the flow (R1).

Working with FTB/FGR series


  1. 6-digit LED display

  2. Flow meter/totalizer/batcher

  3. Flow rate/total flow display

  4. Flow rate/total flow display

  5. 1 pulse counting input + 3 control inputs

  6. RS-485 / Modbus RTU


Specification Table

Order No

Supply voltage19...50Vdc,16...35Vac or 85...260Vac/Vdc
Power consumptionMax. 5VA
AccuracyFrequency:±0.02%(over full temperature range); flow rate: depends on sensor accuracy
ShowRed led,high6x13mm,pass 8 control brightness in steps
Display value range0...999999 +decimal point
Reading Accuracy
Instantaneous flowChoose0.0.00000unit
Cumulative Flow and BatchingChoose0.0.000unit
Input (pulse, fully isolated)
Eliminate jitter and controllable pulse width counting input, input frequencyMax. 10.0 kHz;
Batch processing clearing: valid edge or valid level;
Cumulative reset: valid edge or valid level; measurement lock: valid edge or valid level
Public end (COM)
Input levelLow level:0...1V;High level:10...30V
Metering capacity
AccumulationMore than the4x109 m3 (max. 16effective number)
Batch processingGundam65536m3
Display unit
Instantaneous flow L or m3 /seconds, minutes, hours
Cumulatives and batches L or m3
Pulse wait width0.1.39.9seconds can be set
Output type
Switch output1 x REL,Imax =1A,umax =30Vdc/250Vac
Isolated current outputThe scope of workMax. 2.8...24mA, resolution13 bits
Sensor power output24Vdc +5%/-10%, Max. 100 mA (Regulated voltage, no need to isolate from communication interface)
Communication InterfaceRS-485,8N1and8N2,1200...115200 bit/s;
Modbus RTU(without galvanic isolation)
Operating temperature0...+50°C
Degree of protectionIP65
Meter size (longxWidthxhigh)Without liner:110 x 80 x 67mm; with padded:110 x 105 x 67mm