Shipbuilding Industry

The shipbuilding industry is a highly dependent field on flow measurement technology, as flow is one of the most important indicators in the operation of ships. Its special design and excellent performance have made it widely recognized and applied in flow measurement applications in the shipbuilding industry.
Application Overview

Flowmeters are widely used in the shipbuilding industry and can help ship builders achieve efficient production. By accurately measuring the flow rate to control the oil-water separator, cooling water system, and fuel system, electromagnetic flow meters can help ship builders reduce maintenance costs and work time, and improve production efficiency.

Application Scenario

  • Ship fuel supply system

    Ship fuel supply system, measuring fuel flow and consumption

  • Hydraulic system of ships

    The hydraulic system of the ship measures the flow rate of liquids such as water supply and drainage, cooling water, and cooling water at the tuyere;

  • Mud conveying system for ships

    Ship's mud conveying system, measuring the flow of liquid-solid two-phase fluid containing solid particles