LC2000-Capacitive Level Meter

LC2000 consists of electronic module and measuring electrode which is determined by type of medium and applications. lt can be used to measure the limit level of the fluids, powder or bulk solid materials in tanks, vessels, etc.

Level measuring

Material level measuring

Petrochemicals, energy

Water treatment

Hydraulic/lubrication system


  1. Optional intrinsically safe model

  2. Sanitary clamp connection

  3. High pressure resistant

  4. High/low temperature resistant

  5. Applicable to various media

  6. Field calibration available,No moving parts


Specification Table

Order No

Measuring range (guide rod lengthL)5...300cm
Measuring mediumConductive liquid, non-conductive liquid, bulk solid, powder
Current consumption
Current output typeSignal current
Voltage output typeAbout 8mA
Supply voltageUs
Current output type9…36Vdc
Voltage output type16…36Vdc
Current mode analog output
Output type2line4…20mA
Voltage type analog output
Output type3line0…10V
Sensitivity Range (PF)20;30;50;100;150;300;500;1000
Initial capacity adjustment ratioMin 1:2
LinearityMax 1%
Temperature errorMax 0.05%/K
Voltage error
Current output typeMax 0.3uA/V
Voltage output typeMax 0.1mV/V
Internal resistance/Dielectric strength1MΩ/250VAC(Electrode - Shell)
Coupling capacitance/Dielectric strength51nF/250VAC (shell - electrode)
ShellStainless steel304
Guide rodStainless steel304
Guide rod coatingFEP
Insulating bushingFEP
Degree of protectionIP65(M12Connector)/IP67(case)
Outgoing wayM12Connector
Explosion-proof parameters
GradeEx la IIB T5
Internal maximumUi=30V DC;Ii=132mA;Pi=0.99W;Ci=370nF;Li=0.9mH
Internal resistance/Dielectric strength1MΩ/250V AC(electrode-housing)
Coupling capacitance/Dielectric strength26nF/500V AC (electrode-housing)
Supply voltage9…30Vdc
Temperature range(0 district)-20…60℃
Pressure range (0 district)0.08…0.11MPa
Process connectionG3/4 External thread,50.5 Sanitary Chuck

Product order No.Probe rod L
Process connectionOutput type
LC00XXXXXX (5…300)G3/4Current output 2 wire 4... 20mA 
LC10XXX↓↓↓↓↓↓Voltage output 3-wire 0... 10V 
LC20XXX  Intrinsically safe explosion proof 
LC01XXX 50.5 Sanitary chuckCurrent output 2 wire 4... 20mA 
LC11XXX ↓↓↓Voltage output 3-wire 0... 10V 
LC21XXX  Intrinsically safe explosion proof 
LC00XXXT G3/4Current output 2 wire 4... 20mA 
LC10XXXT ↓↓↓Voltage output 3-wire 0... 10V 
LC20XXXT  Intrinsically safe explosion proof 
LC01XXXT 50.5 Sanitary chuckCurrent output 2 wire 4... 20mA 
LC11XXXT ↓↓↓Voltage output 3-wire 0... 10V 
LC21XXXT  Intrinsically safe explosion proof