Hydraulic Iubrication Power

The invention of hydraulic systems has been applied in many fields, bringing convenience and improving work efficiency to various industries.
Application Overview

Hydraulic transmission is widely used in construction machinery such as excavators, tire loaders, truck cranes, crawler bulldozers, tire cranes, self-propelled scrapers, graders and vibratory rollers. In recent years, hydraulic technology has also been applied to unprepared sun tracking systems, wave simulators, ship driving simulators, earthquake reproduction, rocket booster launching devices, aerospace environment simulation, high-rise building anti-seismic systems and emergency braking devices. In conclusion, hydraulics can be applied in all fields of engineering where mechanical equipment is available.

Application Scenario

  • Control the output flow rate of the hydraulic pump

    Control the output flow of the hydraulic pump to ensure the pressure and power of the system;

  • Control the distribution and regulation of lubricating oil

    Control the distribution and adjustment of lubricating oil to ensure the performance and effectiveness of the lubrication system

  • Measure the air flow and fuel flow of the engine

    Measure the air flow and fuel flow of the engine to ensure the efficiency and emissions of the power system