FCR08-Thermal Flow Sensor

Based on thermodynamic principle, FCR08 features 2 temperature sensors inside the probe: onefor medium temperature, the other one is heated a few degrees up compared to the medium intowhich it projects. When the medium flows, the heat generated in the sensor is conducted away by the medium. The difference between these two sensors can be measured to get the flow rate.All-metal housing; 8 LEDs for switching status and flow trend display; No moving parts tominimize maintenace; Applicable to various medium.

Hydraulic/lubricating oil, cooling system

Water treatment, pump protection

Ventilation system, leak detection


  1. Wide measuring range

  2. 8 LEDs display for switching status and flow trend

  3. Compact design (diameter 36mm)

  4. PNP/NPN/Relay output selectable

  5. Protection level IP67


Specification Table

Order No

Measuring range
Water1…200cm/s(The default display value is calibrated with water, other media need to be specified)
Measuring mediumWater, oil, gas and other media compatible with stainless steel
Repeatability1%@<0.6m/s; 3%@<1.5m/s; 10%@>1.5m/s
Withstand voltage100bar
Initialization time1…8s
Response timeTypical value2s.
Supply voltage18...30Vdc
No-load current consumption≤40mA,exist24VdcWhen power supply
Switch output(Normally open+normally closed)
Output typeRelay/Normally open and normally closed can be set
Load capacity500mAexist24Vdc When power supply(NPNandPNPtype)
Wiring protectionReverse phase, overload, short circuit protection
Design3a redLED(flow rate<switch point)
1a yellowLED(flow rate=switch point)
4a greenLED(flow rate>switch point)
Work/storage temperature-40…85℃
Medium temperature-20…85℃
Shell304Stainless steel
Probe304Stainless steel
Degree of protectionIP67
Outgoing wayM12×1Connector
Product order No. Probe rod
Process connection
G thread
FC8000 27 G1/4  
FC8001 27 G1/2  
FC8002 60 M18 connector